A. Brian Phillips, P.A.

A. Brian Phillips, P.A. is the premiere white collar defense firm known for handling complex, high-impact litigation and controversy matters for its clients.  When the matter is of such import that one’s freedom, life-time accomplishments, and reputation are on the line – you need a Firm with the ability to handle the multitude of challenges that come with the situation.

The Firm’s success is built on a foundation of intense and thorough preparation, careful analysis, and skilled execution at all stages – from first contact, through investigation, and defense of the matter on the merits at trial.  What distinguishes this practice is the ability to assess, from numerous and often conflicting angles, the impact of strategic and tactical decisions, to adapt to the the issues presented, and, finally, to execute with dedication and passion.   The Firm brings to bear highly focused and deeply skilled staff as well as the latest and best technology.

As a former Assistant United States Attorney and U.S. Department of Justice Trial Attorney, Brian Phillips brings the best experience, training, and resources for handling the unique challenges facing those involved in white collar matters.

The Firm’s practice areas are:



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